Sabtu, 07 Januari 2012


While playing Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, one of Steven Tyler's lyrics struck me as particularly relevant. The song "Dream On" begins, "Every time that I look in the mirror, all these lines on my face gettin' clearer." It's a line that speaks of growing old, perhaps too quickly, with dreams still unrealized. Much of the same could be said about this latest entry into the Guitar Hero franchise. It's been just a few years since Guitar Hero burst onto the scene and already we've seen it spread to nearly every platform known to man. This is the third release in just over a year on Xbox 360 alone. We've looked in the mirror enough times and without anything substantially new brought to the table in Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, those wrinkles are becoming crystal clear. 

Even if the formula is a bit stale by now, that doesn't make Guitar Hero: Aerosmith a bad game. In fact, if you're a huge fan of the band, of the Guitar Hero franchise, or haven't yet seen what all of the fuss is over the music rhythm phenomenon, this release will please and then some. However, if you've been following the franchise since the beginning, you'll probably wonder if this game is really necessary.


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