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Dark Sector

Dark Sector | 4.46 GB
The game begins with Hayden, an American special forces agent, sent to a military-esque compound in the fictional Soviet nation Lasria. He tried to get out of his mission before it has almost started, but his superior, communicating via radio, said that he was "past the point of no return." Hayden makes short work of all enemy resistance and finds himself face to face with the target, a fellow agent named Viktor, tied to a chair. Viktor was under the impression that Hayden is here to save him. She even tells him information to help him on his way. Hayden quickly put a bullet through his skull. After reporting that he had completed his mission, his superiors decided to send him after Mezner, the person responsible for the infections that have plagued the country Technocyte Lasria. Hayden takes place through complex; beat several dozen soldiers and even a helicopter, as well as planting C4 charge the whole complex.


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